Who Can Play Online Lottery Games At Lottosend.com?

A small number of countries do not allow online gambling. In the eyes of the law lottery games are like gambling, it means that playing lottery games online may not be legal in some countries. If you live in one of these countries then you may have an issue collecting prize money if you win the jackpot and you may have issues depositing and withdrawing money from online lottery service providers such as LottoSend - but in most cases you will not have any issues.

Some of these countries for example are Saudi Arabia where any type of gambling including online lottery is forbidden in almost all areas of the country, in most parts of India playing lottery is also forbidden and this means you will have issues with your bank card holder in some cases if you try to deposit or withdraw money from an online lottery account.

In the USA online gambling is also a problem in many states and in most states the online lottery service provider needs to be registered and supervised by the USA gambling and Casino authority. 

Most online lottery service providers are not registered in the USA meaning that in most cases your banking card provider will not let you make a deposit or make a withdrawal from an online lottery account. If you are not sure about online lottery legality in your country or state then you need to check the online gambling rules in your jurisdiction, you can do this easily by searching Google or Yahoo.