What Lotteries Can be Played At Lottosend.com? Lottosend Online Lotteries

Most people in the world play the lottery, the statistics from Spain are that around %90 of people buy lottery tickets on a regular basis, in the USA around %70 of people play lottery on a regular basis. In some countries it is illegal to gamble and because lottery is seen as gambling, there are some countries where people can not play the lottery.

All in all around half of the world population will play at least one lottery game in their life-time but many more actually buy lottery tickets on a regular basis. Although playing th lottery online is not new, many are still new to the online lottery scene. Some might just now be finding out that they can buy lottery tickets online at websites such as LottoSend.com.

At LottoSend.com I buy lottery tickets online on a regular basis, because I live in Germany, I can not buy tickets to the USA Powerball or the Australian lottery without actually flying to Australia or to the USA in order to buy a ticket, this is why I use LottoSend.com to buy these kinds of tickets.

Sometimes I also will buy tickets to my local lottery game or buy Euromillions tickets at the shop in my ciry, but I prefer the USA Powerball and Mega millions and the Australian lottery games because they have bigger jackpots.

When I play online at LottoSend and similar websites I can but tickets to many lottery games such as:

  • USA Powerball 
  • USA Mega Millions 
  • Europe Euromillions 
  • Europe Eurojackpot 
  • SuperLotto Plus 
  • Australian Powerball 
  • Australian OZ Lotto 
  • Australian Saturday, Monday and Wednesday Lotto 
  • SuperEnalotto 
  • El Gordo de la Primitiva 
  • Spanish Christmas Lottery
  • UK National Lottery 
  • Spanish Bonoloto 

Other online lottery websites that I also use on a regular basis allow me to buy tickets to even more lotteries, this is the full list of lotteries available online from various services like LottoSend:

EuroMillions U.K., EuroMillions, UK Millionaire Maker, U.S. Powerball, Italy SuperStar, Italy SuperEnalotto, Florida Lotto, U.S. Mega Millions, Europe EuroJackpot, U.K. Lotto, Switzerland Lotto, Ireland Lotto, Spain La Primitiva, France Loto, Australia Oz Lotto, New York Lotto, California SuperLotto Plus, Spain El Gordo, Hungary Otoslotto, Canada Lotto 649, New Zealand Powerball, Australia Powerball Lotto, Austria Lotto, Australia Saturday Lotto, Italy SiVinceTutto, South Africa Powerball, Colombia Baloto, Hungary Hatoslotto, Ontario 49, Germany Lotto, Spain BonoLoto, Greece Lotto, Brazil Mega-Sena, U.K. Thunderball, Australia Monday Lotto, Australia Wednesday Lotto, Greece Joker, Romania Lotto 6/49, Florida Lucky Money, Poland Lotto, Brazil Dupla Sena, Ukraine Megalot, Ukraine Super Loto, Brazil Quina, New Jersey Pick 6 XTRA, New York Cash4Life, Oregon Megabucks, Russia Gosloto 6/45.