Is LottoSend a Scam or is LottoSend Legit and Trustworthy? LottoSend Review

It is very easy to see if an online lottery service provider is a scam or not, I have found my own ways of checking out each and every provider before buying tickets online and you should too. If like me you are an avid lottery player and you want to play big lottery games online, you will need to make sure that you are buying tickets from a trusted source.

I have found the following really helps out in finding out if the ticket provider is a scam or not. If you don't want to read this whole post that I made, then you can just read this one sentence, LOTTOSEND IS NOT A SCAM! I am %100 sure of this, if you want to learn how I know this then just read on.

This is how I check to see if an online lottery ticket provider is trustworthy or not:

1) Check on

One of the first things I will always do before buying tickets online at a website such as LottoSend is check the boards at If you go to their website in this link you will see that they are familiar with LottoSend and think highly of them.

If does not like a certain website or service provider then you should see it as a big red flag!

LottoSend has a 4/5 star recommendation on LottoExposed. Meaning that they are not a scam almost for sure. I highly believe in the authority and professionalism of the team at LottoExposed.

2) Check For Any Online Complaints

Check for onlinecomplaints by searching Google or Yahoo, you can see in this post that I searched far and wide and did not find anything negative about LottoSend on complaints boards.

3) Check Customer Service

Go to the Live Chat section on their website, send a message, send an email to their customer support staff and ring them up on the phone, is thier customer service quick and reliable? Are they not pushy in trying to get you to buy tickets right at this moment? This is a very good sign.

Is they do not respond to the online chat and email and do not answer the phone it is a big red flag! are not lacking in customer service, they ansered the online chat for me every-time within less than 5 minutes and during their working hours they always answer the phone and email.

Their customer service did not push me into buying tickets while on the phone and answered my questions politely!

4) Check Payment Methods

If the payment methods that they use for deposits and withdrawals does not include an internationally trusted source such as Visa or MasterCard you should be careful, if they are only using PayPal or only using Skrill or bitcoin it is a big red flag!

5) Buy Tickets

Purchase a single ticket if all has been well until this point, at LottoSend I called up customer service and asked if I could purchase just 1 single USA Powerball ticket, usually they have a minimum of 5 tickets for $27.50 with a %100 CashBack offer for new players, but I explained to them that I wanted just 3 lines to check them out, they said ok and I bought 3 lines lines for $16.5, whats important is that they uploaded a SCANNED TICKET to my account for me:
LottoSend uploads scanned tickets for all customer purchases. If an online lottery agent does not give you scanned tickets it is a big red flag!

6) Collect Winnings

This is most important part! One of my tickets won $7 and I was able to withdraw the winnings into my bank account very easily. If you are not able to withdraw winnings from your account easily and are given the turnaround, it is a big red flag!

LottoSend Complaints, Does Have Any Complaints? LottoSend Review

I have searched wide and far and have not been able to find a single complaint about LottoSend that went unanswered. I was only able to find one single complaint on an online complaints board where the customer was confused about the shares per ticket for the Spanish Nacional Lottery game that he had entered through LottoSend, it seems that the ticket that he bought for $30 won him a $20 prize and he thought he was supposed to get a $200 prize, because of this problem he posted an online complaint saying that LottoSend is a scam.

Other than this one single client I could not find any complaints. What is really nice though is that on the complaints board you see that an official representative from LottoSend writes an answer to the client and tries to help him/her with a refund. 

There are some infamous online lottery companies with numerous complaints at online complaint boards where not even a single of the customer complaints goes answered by a company representative.

I personally can applaud LottoSend for only having one single online complaint, and for dealing with it in a professional manner. With hundreds of thousands of clients, aving only 1 complaint seems really good. So you can rest assured that they are trustworthy and efficient in dealing with any issues or unhappy customers.

What Lotteries Can Be Played At LottoSend Online Lotteries - LottoSend Review

Most people in the world play the lottery, the statistics from Spain are that around %90 of people buy lottery tickets on a regular basis, in the USA around %70 of people play lottery on a regular basis. In some countries it is illegal to gamble and because lottery is seen as gambling, there are some countries where people can not play the lottery.

All in all around half of the world population will play at least one lottery game in their life-time but many more actually buy lottery tickets on a regular basis. Although playing th lottery online is not new, many are still new to the online lottery scene. Some might just now be finding out that they can buy lottery tickets online at websites such as

At I buy lottery tickets online on a regular basis, because I live in Germany, I can not buy tickets to the USA Powerball or the Australian lottery without actually flying to Australia or to the USA in order to buy a ticket, this is why I use to buy these kinds of tickets.
Sometimes I also will buy tickets to my local lottery game or buy Euromillions tickets at the shop in my ciry, but I prefer the USA Powerball and Mega millions and the Australian lottery games because they have bigger jackpots.

When I play online at LottoSend and similar websites I can but tickets to many lottery games such as:

  • USA Powerball
  • USA Mega Millions
  • Europe Euromillions
  • Europe Eurojackpot
  • SuperLotto Plus
  • Australian Powerball
  • Australian OZ Lotto
  • Australian Saturday, Monday and Wednesday Lotto
  • SuperEnalotto
  • El Gordo de la Primitiva
  • and much much more..
Other online lottery websites that I also use on a regular basis allow me to buy tickets to even more lotteries, this is the full list of lotteries available online from various services like LottoSend:

EuroMillions U.K., EuroMillions, UK Millionaire Maker, U.S. Powerball, Italy SuperStar, Italy SuperEnalotto, Florida Lotto, U.S. Mega Millions, Europe EuroJackpot, U.K. Lotto, Switzerland Lotto, Ireland Lotto, Spain La Primitiva, France Loto, Australia Oz Lotto, New York Lotto, California SuperLotto Plus, Spain El Gordo, Hungary Otoslotto, Canada Lotto 649, New Zealand Powerball, Australia Powerball Lotto, Austria Lotto, Australia Saturday Lotto, Italy SiVinceTutto, South Africa Powerball, Colombia Baloto, Hungary Hatoslotto, Ontario 49, Germany Lotto, Spain BonoLoto, Greece Lotto, Brazil Mega-Sena, U.K. Thunderball, Australia Monday Lotto, Australia Wednesday Lotto, Greece Joker, Romania Lotto 6/49, Florida Lucky Money, Poland Lotto, Brazil Dupla Sena, Ukraine Megalot, Ukraine Super Loto, Brazil Quina, New Jersey Pick 6 XTRA, New York Cash4Life, Oregon Megabucks, Russia Gosloto 6/45.